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Founder: Dr. Markus P.J. Mergens Mergens_ContactBildKlein

ESD Expert & Consultant
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More than 20 years ESD experience & expertise in semiconductor industry

  • Industrial R&D: Ph.D. at Robert Bosch GmbH / ETHZ in ESD-level circuit/device simulation for automotive high-voltage ESD protection; more than 25 peer-reviewed papers, 17 patents, TPC member EOSESD, IEW management committe
  • Lead ESD project engineer in consulting and development cooperation with seminconductor companies world-wide (Sarnoff)
  • Industry: Lead ESD design engineer in automotive technology development at Infineon Technologies AG. Close cooperation within industrial matrix environment: technology development, CAD, technology & product quality & reliability, product circuit design, technical marketing
  • Founder of QPX GmbH: Since 11 years, consultant and ESD service provider in more than 40 EOS/ESD / Latchup cooperation projects with semiconductor companies in Europe, Japan, US.

Diverse IC seminconductor technologies

  • Mature to nano-scale CMOS (0.5u … 25nm)
  • Silicon-On-Insulator SOI in advanced CMOS
  • High-voltage CMOS (18-60V, 0.13-0.5u)
  • Smart-Power / Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS BCD (30-100V with 0.13u-0.8u CMOS)
  • Silicon-On-Insulator SOI BCD (60V, 80V)
  • SiGe Bipolar-CMOS
  • Vertical High-Voltage Common Drain (thru-wafer) for high-side switches in automotive / industial ICs (60V)
  • Vertical High-Voltage Common Source (thru-wafer) for low-side switches in automotive and industial ICs (45V)
  • Wirebond and flip-chip; optimization of RDL
  • System-on-Chip (SoC)
  • System-in-Package (SiP)
  • Foundry experience
    • TSMC 250, 180, 130, 65, 40, 28nm incl. high-voltage 32, 40 w/ HVMOS, LDMOS
    • UMC 250, 130
    • GF 65, 40, 28nm
    • LFOUNDRY 110, 150nm incl. 40, 60V LDMOS
    • TowerJazz 90nm SOI

Diverse IC / IO product applications (examples)

  • CMOS pad library cells
  • Standard digital GPIOs
  • Over-/under-voltage tolerant IOs
  • High-voltage IO in standard CMOS (e.g. OP, PAL)
  • Analog IOs, e.g.  various RF interfaces (e.g. LNA, LVDS, …)
  • Analog mixed signal
  • Power management,
  • H-Bridge IC
  • LCD driver
  • High-/low-side switches (e.g. for lighting/LED drivers)
  • Diverse automotive IOs, e.g. bus transceiver LIN, CAN, FLEXRAY

Diverse IC product specs and customer requirements

  • Standard ESD: HBM, MM, CDM
  • Human Metal Model (HMM)
  • IEC 61000-4-2 („GUN“): contact discharge up to 12kV / air discharge
  • ISO 10605 („GUN“): contact discharge up to 15kV with different RCs
  • ISO 7637-x: automotive voltage pulse stress
  • Latch-up JEDEC 78B
  • Transient latch-up (TLU)
  • Voltage driven latch-up test („MM“ in powered mode)
  • Automotive reliability: AEC-Q101 (EMC tests, e.g. DPI, lifetime quality tests)


Special field: automotive & high-voltage EOS/ESD

One focus of our services is on robustness of technologies containing lateral & vertical DMOS and/or high-voltage MOS/bipolar transistors with high DC/transient voltage requirements. The IC products fabricated in these technologies often have to operate in harsh environments (e.g. automotives) being exposed to a variety of EM disturbances and large temperature ranges. Tough for ESD solutions!